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Our company, Kuban Makina, was established in 1996 by Ahmet Demirden in İzmir, Turkey. When our passion for coffee became irresistible, we decided to turn this love into a business and started to produce “coffee processing machines and equipment” for coffee-lovers all around the world.
We have expanded our product range since the beginning of our operations, and now, we serve both the domestic and international markets. Nearly 25 years of experience in the coffee industry has brought us mastery. Moreover, we constantly improve our products and services on the basis of customer satisfaction with our dynamic and disciplined team. 
As the KUBAN Family, we represent our country at many annual international fairs on coffee and coffee equipment. In addition to in-house R&D activities, we try to set a high standard of quality in the industry by keeping up with technological innovations and keeping the bar high at all times. We pioneer this passion by using high-quality raw materials in all of our products that we produce. We stand out with our high-performance products, which are specially combined by our expert engineers. Our machines can be customized to customer demands.
As of 2020, KUBAN renews its brand image and achieves a more dynamic, powerful, contemporary, and institutional structure. “Coffee Processing Master” is Kuban’s official and certified brand slogan.